Thursday, October 29, 2009

sometimes nothing goes according to plan

In my last post, I promised photos from the golf cart parade. Of course, all the golf carts were broken and there was no parade.

I wanted to go shooting during the golden hour/around sunset but when we drove east, we drove right into the rain clouds.

I feel kind of like this right now:
wake up exhausted
It's cold and rainy and gray in my field of view but I can see the sky and the flowers.

Occasionally, things need to go 'wrong' so that I can appreciate when they go 'right'. I got all my submissions into University Press on time. I'm currently part of some of the funniest 'interoffice correspondence' I've ever seen in my life. (And yes, I realize I'm not part of any office, nor do I really wish to be.)

This is my home away from home.
sunset over the HC
Even when there are icky gray days and I can't always see this, I need to remember that Jupiter has the potential for some really amazing sunsets. This is the view I have most evenings when I'm on my way to dinner.

And if everything went "according to plan", there would be no reason for innovation and creativity.
cradled wish
Today wasn't a complete disappointment for me. I can only hope this post doesn't disappoint any of you.

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