Thursday, June 30, 2011

in my own backyard

My last few posts have mentioned my love of rain. It's no secret that when I hear the raindrops pelting my window, I want to throw my shoes off and run outside. Barefoot, twirling in the rain and wind, laughing towards the sky... That's what makes me happy.
Wandering around with my camera, photographing tiny orbs of crystal perched on every surface is magical too.
grapevine triptych
rainy fern diptych
rainy rosebush

So many people mistakenly believe that they have to travel, to go *somewhere*, in order to experience something beautiful. My adventure begins in my own backyard.
mushroom diptych
backyard lightbulb diptych
grapevine diptych
grapevine diptych 2
rainy trees diptych
gutter ripple triptych

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

April, alligators, and airboats

Yesterday (technically the day before, but I haven't slept yet), April and I decided to be tourists in our own neighborhood. We went to Everglades Holiday Park. The last time I was there was right after surgery, so I didn't take too many photos. This time, my camera and I spent a little too much time together.

The second we got there, April and I were greeted by peacocks. It's mating season so all the males were putting on quite the show and chasing the females around.
Everglades Holiday Park peacock diptych
Everglades Holiday Park peacock square
Everglades Holiday Park peacock detail diptych
Everglades Holiday Park peacock love
Everglades Holiday Park peacock love 2

Once I finished photographing/being attacked by the peacocks, we bought our tickets and waited at the dock for our airboat to depart. Before our boat had even arrived, we saw gators.
Everglades Holiday Park gator
Everglades Holiday Park gator dock diptych
Then, there was a cute little gator who got super close to the boat. I say 'little' because he was about 4 feet long and still playful like a juvenile. He let our boat captain scratch him behind the ears.
Everglades Holiday Park gator boat
Everglades Holiday Park gator 2

The view was lovely and we got to see a bunch of gators.
Everglades Holiday Park
Everglades Holiday Park 2
Everglades Holiday Park gator diptych 2
This guy was my favorite. He followed the boats to their turtle traps and stole the turtles for his lunch.
My immediately reaction was to want to free him from the ropes. But being full doesn't mean he wouldn't still bite if he felt threatened.
Everglades Holiday Park gator diptych

When we returned to shore, we watched the gator show. I'm always impressed by how knowledgeable and passionate the staff is. The guy we had this time is an environmental studies major specializing in crododilians. Boy after my own heart.
Everglades Holiday Park gator diptych 3
Everglades Holiday Park triptych

Things got kind of touristy when people actually paid to pose on a gator. I'd never seen anyone do it before. Bonus points because the guys were all full of (false) bravado but it was a teenage girl and a grandmother who actually did it.
Everglades Holiday Park triptych 2
Then, I got April to pose with the gator bites sign and her box o' bites to be super touristy.

Can you believe this is virtually in my backyard?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Marty McFly Monday

Yesterday, there was a really cute bee hitching a ride on the windshield. I posted a photo but said nothing. If you clicked through to the photo on flickr, I made a kind of silly joke. Then, I mentioned off-hand to Doug that since I felt guilty about not posting, I might throw together a Marty MyFly Monday -- a one time feature for my little windshield buddy.
Since I can't sleep at the moment, I'm trying to put together this blog post. I'm running into some difficulties since I've never actually seen Back to the Future (and the only reason the name popped into my head was a Facebook event in the sidebar). But since the middle of the night is great for half-thought-out posts, I'd like to introduce you to Marty.

He hitched a ride on our windshield home from the grocery store.
Marty McFly bee
He posed for a photo session.
Marty McFly bee 2
He 'held' my hand.
Marty McFly bee 3

He's pretty cute and photogenic and I hope he's happy in my grapevine.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

another beautiful day in paradise

In my last post, I said that I lived for the rain. So today, I got a lovely rainy day and I could not be happier.
red light reflection
Marty McFly bee
It's just another beautiful day in paradise for me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I crave rain [52:25]

This time of year, most people around here are craving sunshine. I live in sunny South Florida, home to a cult of sun worshipers. Being tan is the goal to strive towards and the summer sun gives them what they need, along with a dose of vitamin D.
But I crave the rain. The feel of the raindrops refreshing my skin, the rolling thunder in the distance, the lightning shows I can watch from my window... I also love the diffused light when it's drizzling. Water droplets + rain cloud softbox = beautiful photographs.
rainy grapevine
I spend my afternoons waiting for the clouds to roll in and the skies to open up.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

tasty treat [52:24]

This week's theme is make it tasty and so I decided to be all decadent and have a red birch beer for dinner.
project 52-24-birch beer
Don't you pick your meals based on how photogenic they are?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

night at the museum

Friday night, Doug and I were invited to sleep over at the Museum of Discovery and Science with the cub scouts. In the course of 12 hours, I took 400 photos. Even after cutting them down as best I could, this post is still going to be monumental.

We started the evening wandering around the floor, exploring the exhibits at our leisure. Doug and I started with the baby loggerhead sea turtle.
MODS turtle 6
MODS turtle 7
MODS touch tank Doug
MODS touch tank
MODS fish
MODS fish tank
MODS lobster triptych
MODS gator
MODS carbon footprint
MODS turtle
MODS turtle
MODS frog
MODS exotics
MODS bunny
MODS bunny
MODS gecko
MODS bats diptych
MODS snake
MODS crabs
MODS spider
MODS fish tank
MODS fish tank

Experiment time in the lab. I sat with Aunt Mar and one of the dads, which is why we managed to win the diaper absorption challenge with 600mL.
MODS lab
MODS lab 2
MODS lab 3
MODS lab 4
MODS lab diptych
MODS lab triptych
MODS lab diptych 2

I stayed with the twins' group for the underwater tour and the activities.
MODS turtle
MODS shark tank
MODS shark tank
MODS starfish
MODS experiment
MODS experiment

We got turned loose again while the kids watched Night at the Museum 2, so of course Doug and I spent half an hour playing with bubbles.
MODS bubbles 6
MODS bubbles 7
MODS bubbles 8
MODS bubbles 9
MODS bubbles 10
MODS bubbles triptych
MODS bubbles board
MODS bubbles 11
MODS bubbles board 2

We explored until 12:20.
MODS climbing triptych
MODS gator diptych
MODS cartoons
MODS heartbeat diptych
MODS turtle
MODS touch tank
MODS gator
MODS turtle
MODS turtle
MODS turtle
MODS tree hugger
MODS gecko

When it was lights out, we slept among the fish tanks. It was amazing!
MODS fish tank bedroom diptych
MODS shark tank
MODS fish tank

I didn't want to say goodbye when it was time to go.
MODS escalator
MODS turtle time
MODS clock
MODS clock 2
MODS clock 3
The last thing I did was toss on my fisheye to get a few shots of the great gravity clock.
MODS clock 4