Thursday, June 2, 2011

brotherface's concert

I went to my little brother's spring recital tonight. He did an absolutely amazing job and I am so proud of him.
brotherface concert triptych
Unfortunately, my camera's low battery indicator wasn't clear enough and I thought I could make it through his performance before I needed to recharge. While holding the battery in the palm of my hand and hoping allowed me to squeeze out an extra 10 shots, my camera was still dead by the time the finale came around. It's a shame because the cello section leader--my brother's mentor and friend--got really choked up during his introduction and I swear brotherface shed a few tears himself. And then the two boys really launched into it and played their cellos with an energy I've never seen before. You'll just have to imagine it while I'm kicking myself for not charging my camera.

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