Thursday, June 30, 2011

in my own backyard

My last few posts have mentioned my love of rain. It's no secret that when I hear the raindrops pelting my window, I want to throw my shoes off and run outside. Barefoot, twirling in the rain and wind, laughing towards the sky... That's what makes me happy.
Wandering around with my camera, photographing tiny orbs of crystal perched on every surface is magical too.
grapevine triptych
rainy fern diptych
rainy rosebush

So many people mistakenly believe that they have to travel, to go *somewhere*, in order to experience something beautiful. My adventure begins in my own backyard.
mushroom diptych
backyard lightbulb diptych
grapevine diptych
grapevine diptych 2
rainy trees diptych
gutter ripple triptych

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