Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sarah & Joey's fairy tale adventure

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen these photos go up last night/early this morning because I could not wait to share them with Sarah. I posted one as an impulse post and then the flood gate was open.

Sarah & Joey got married in Niagara Falls, had a friends and family reception here (which I photographed but had not blogged until now) and then we went and did what Sarah really wanted: an adventure through Tree Tops Park in their wedding best.

I apologize in advance as this is going to be a looooong post. I promise it's worth it.

Sarah & Joey wedding 1
Sarah & Joey wedding 2
Sarah & Joey wedding 3
Sarah & Joey wedding 4
Sarah & Joey wedding 5
Sarah & Joey wedding 6
Sarah & Joey wedding 7
Sarah & Joey wedding 8
Sarah & Joey wedding 9
Sarah & Joey wedding 10
Sarah & Joey wedding 11
Sarah & Joey wedding 12
Sarah & Joey wedding 13
Sarah & Joey wedding 14
Sarah & Joey wedding 15

trash the dress 1
trash the dress 2
trash the dress 3
trash the dress 4
trash the dress 5
trash the dress 6
trash the dress 7
trash the dress 8
trash the dress 9
trash the dress 10
trash the dress 11
trash the dress 12
trash the dress 13
trash the dress 14

Sunday, September 23, 2012

[Old] Davie School

Yesterday mom and I went to check out Davie School and take photos for Wikipedia. That sounds kind of weird and really official all at the same time. Wikipedia is having a photo contest as a way to get updated photos for their National Register of Historic Places pages and I took that as an excuse to visit.
Davie School 1
Davie School 2
Davie School 3
Davie School 4
Davie School 5
Davie School 6

This classroom has been restored to the way it looked in the 1920s, complete with the original slate chalkboard. They have no idea how long the writing has been on there.
Davie School 7
Davie School 8
Davie School 9
Davie School 10
Davie School 11
Davie School 12
Davie School 13
Davie School 14
Davie School 16
Davie School 17

Davie School 18
Davie School 19

There were taxedermied animals galore, which made me think of the Bloggess.
Davie School 20

Davie School 21

They also have three historic houses on the property: the Viele House, the Walsh House, and the Pioneer House. (Technically, it's the Walsh-Osterhoudt house.)

Viele House

Viele House 1
Viele House 2
Viele House 3
Viele House 4
Viele House 5
Viele House 6
Viele House 7
Viele House 8

Walsh House

Walsh House 1
Walsh House 2
Walsh House 3
Walsh House 4
Walsh House 5
Walsh House 6

Pioneer House

Pioneer House 1
Pioneer House 2
Pioneer House 3

I saved the shot I came for until last to give the sun time to come out.
Davie School 22
This is the final shot I ended up submitting to Wikipedia. I hope they choose it for the entry.
Davie School 23