Wednesday, May 26, 2010

it's no mystery why I'm excited

I have been up since six thirty this morning. I am too excited to sleep. I have a field trip today to explore the Anastasia formation for history of life and then I am on the way to Crestview for Mr. Andy's retirement from the Air Force. If you notice, I have my 'away on adventure' tag up which means that I will not be blogging anything from the trip while I am away. (I'm not sure whether I will be posting something old for I heart faces yet.)

For the record, I took this photo in Fort Walton the last time I went home with Doug.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a day in the life

I usually don't like to mix events in one post; a single cohesive theme always works better for me. But I also don't like to toss up multiple small posts in one day because then I'm concerned that something might be overlooked.

Saturday was a pretty interesting day, which is the excuse I gave myself for putting this post together. It was my first day out with my camera since I moved to Boca.

I started the morning with two crazy socks that did not match. I have a few pairs of mismatched socks now because I keep losing one but they're just too cute to toss.
crazy socks
Then I ended up with a new watch from Pier 1. I named him Duck Duck. I really wanted to take pictures in the store but I was afraid to ask.
duck duck watch
From there, I went to the grand reopening of the Palm Beach County Public Library on Glades Road. The balloons just made it look so much more cheerful.
Palm Beach library

After running errands and generally being a fashionable dork, I decided to venture out and check out the closed Ben & Jerry's.
abandoned Ben & Jerry's drive-thru shadow
While I could not get inside, I had a pretty awesome time photographing the outside. The textures of the brick and the newspaper and the peeled-off decals just appealed to me. Plus, there was no one around and the solitude to shoot as I pleased was kind of nice.

The record store next door also is empty and I couldn't resist peering in through the window. I managed to catch my reflection.
abandoned record store
In my life, I frequently have messy hair and a silly looking camera backpack, but I always end the day happy and with great photos.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

when it rains, it pours gumdrops

I apologize for the rediculous title but I could not resist mixing a metaphor and a children's song. It totally makes sense.

Since I've moved to Boca, school and internship have kept me super busy and I haven't really had the time to shoot. But yesterday, I got enough blog fodder for three posts. Today, I have a baby shower and an adventure with my mom so that should bring me two more posts worth. And later this week, I have a road trip to Crestview for Doug's dad's retirement and a senior portrait shoot with Cassidy. (You can't hear it but I am making loud squeaks of glee at the thought of being asked to photograph Cassidy on the gorgeous Emerald Coast beaches.) Plus, I heart faces tomorrow...

The moral of the story is that I love you and I promise you will be getting posts more than once a week for at least the first half of June if I get my way.

In the mean time, I would like to introduce you to the most well groomed cousin I have: Sophie!
This photo of us together is on the way to the groomer and the one of her looking beautiful is on the way back.

I forbid myself to get too mushy in this post but let's just say that Sophie can be considered a 'godsend' and is one of the most intuitive and loving dogs in the world. If given the opportunity, I seriously doubt she would choose to do anything other than love on people all day.

Monday, May 17, 2010

flowers [i heart faces]

This week's theme over at is flowers (and faces!). While I initially considered using a photo from prom, I thought better of using a four year old photo of my friend LinZ. I'd like to stay friends with her. Instead, I opted to share a new spin on an old shoot. I shared the more serious shots from my first impromptu shoot with Doug back in November but I did not share this one with you... until now.

little bee

Friday, May 14, 2010

nothing says 'love' like a JPEG...

I'm sure all my photographer friends are arguing amongst themselves about the post title. ["JPEG!" "No, RAW."] But seriously, nothing says 'love' like a JPEG that says
. This chunk of hynka-hunka-burning pixels comes from the lovely Megan over at Sugary Cynicism.

In times past, Megan has served many roles in my life.

We've worked alongside each other as members of the press
defeated the boys at safe driving (hence the crown)

gotten all cut up together exploring

and she even killed me (symbolically) for Earth Day

The point is that Megan apparently loves me a lot. And it's a super shame that I don't love any other bloggers I know as much as I love her (except Doug, but he has no internet to update Silly Geth).

So Megan, here is some love in the form of four JPEGs. If you want more time on the blog, feel free to come visit me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

super amazing Mother's Day!

This isn't really a photo post but I needed to share.

I first 'met' Rachel through I [heart] faces and started reading her blogs, both the one for Savor Photography and her personal one. When she announced she was having a Mother's Day contest, I entered on a whim because I wanted to be able to offer my mom something super fantastic.

mother's day

As you can see, she was nice enough to only post the most pertinent part of my essay and not let the super mush make everyone I know bawl. Now I just need to figure out what to make for her family when mine goes for the session.

pretend for a minute this is a food blog

I know it is difficult to imagine me cooking but close your eyes for a second and pretend this is a food blog. Imagine I am sharing photos of yummy food and recipes too. Now open your eyes.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in the kitchen, mostly with Doug. And this is photographic proof.
Unfortunately, I have photos of Doug cooking and my finished products but none of me actually making food. So just imagine me playing with ground beef like it's Play-Doh.
cooking 2

I have a surprise to announce later today, once the post announcing my surprise goes live. In the mean time, Happy Mother's Day, mom! I cleaned up after this cooking adventure, just for you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

introducing a new friend

I made a bet with my mother that I could get a good photo of one of her students. He's super shy and tries his best not to be photographed. I won and his mother will be getting five cute photos for Mother's Day. So to celebrate, my mom got me a Bean Sprout.
I cannot wait to try him out.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

home sweet whirlwind

I am 'home' for a week and then it is back to craziness. In the week that I will be here, I have covered my grandfather's 75th birthday party and am working on the mothers' day photo cubes for the preschool. Posts may be a little weak until I'm settled again. In the mean time, doesn't my grandpa have the most awesome cake?