Sunday, May 23, 2010

when it rains, it pours gumdrops

I apologize for the rediculous title but I could not resist mixing a metaphor and a children's song. It totally makes sense.

Since I've moved to Boca, school and internship have kept me super busy and I haven't really had the time to shoot. But yesterday, I got enough blog fodder for three posts. Today, I have a baby shower and an adventure with my mom so that should bring me two more posts worth. And later this week, I have a road trip to Crestview for Doug's dad's retirement and a senior portrait shoot with Cassidy. (You can't hear it but I am making loud squeaks of glee at the thought of being asked to photograph Cassidy on the gorgeous Emerald Coast beaches.) Plus, I heart faces tomorrow...

The moral of the story is that I love you and I promise you will be getting posts more than once a week for at least the first half of June if I get my way.

In the mean time, I would like to introduce you to the most well groomed cousin I have: Sophie!
This photo of us together is on the way to the groomer and the one of her looking beautiful is on the way back.

I forbid myself to get too mushy in this post but let's just say that Sophie can be considered a 'godsend' and is one of the most intuitive and loving dogs in the world. If given the opportunity, I seriously doubt she would choose to do anything other than love on people all day.

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