Thursday, February 21, 2013

march of the spambots

I guess this little blog is bigger than I initially thought since it is now a target for spam bots!
I see a lot of it at work. People buy a tool, pick blog specs (like page rank, blog type, where it's hosted, whether there's word verification to comment, etc.) and set a robot to leave comments galore. Apparently my blog is awesome enough to attract some attention because I keep getting spam bots. I considered following their links and spamming them but that's silly and a waste of time.
So... One Thousand Words Home is getting the dreaded captcha. I know it's a turn-off and may deter some comments but I need to stop the influx of spam. I'm sorry, I know it sucks but it needs to be done. I refuse to let their links be cached and have Google think I support them. You have to earn a link from me.

Since this post became a little ranty, I figure I owe you a picture from the archives.
beach wedding
When I was photographing Baby Ariel the first time, there was a wedding going on just down the beach. The view was great. I took a photo during one of Ariel's outfit changes and wasn't going to blog it. I guess you can thank the spammers because now you get to see it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

I [love] Baby Ariel

In my last "oh crap, I haven't posted in a month" post, I introduced you briefly to Baby Ariel (and by 'introduced', I mean I threw up photos and didn't tell you anything about her). Ariel is my boss' daughter; she's also a baby model. She is one of the sweetest/best tempered baby ever. She's a pretty good sport and doesn't really cry. And she's so photogenic!

Baby Ariel 1
This photo was taken to be sent to the company that made the high chair. I'm secretly hoping it gets used in a promotional campaign and I get photo credit.
Baby Ariel 2
Baby Ariel 3
I feel the need to point out that they are not, in fact, models; this family is just super photogenic.
Baby Ariel 4
Baby Ariel 5
Baby Ariel 6
Baby Ariel 7
Baby Ariel 8
Baby Ariel 9
Baby Ariel 10
Baby Ariel 11

This is my favorite shot of the entire shoot:
Baby Ariel 12
I'm considering making this into a LARGE canvas for my wall.

The best part is that I get the snuggle her at the end of the shoot!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blogging Backlog

Once again, my "apology" tag is going to see some use.

I feel like such a terrible blogger. Shooting has slowed down a bit in 2013 since life has been somewhat hectic. Not to mention, I keep running out of time to post!
Here's what I've been forgetting to share with you:

food shoot for a gaming-themed cookbook my friends are making

food photography
The cookbook is still in progress but you can find out more on their Pinterest

baby shoot with Ariel

Baby Ariel 1
Baby Ariel 2
Baby Ariel 3
Baby Ariel 4
Baby Ariel 5
Baby Ariel 6

Preston's 4th birthday party

Preston's birthday 1
Preston's birthday 2
Preston's birthday 3
Preston's birthday 4
Remember how small he was in 2010?

It also doesn't help that this year's photo challenge is a little different than the past two years. MCP is no longer running a Project 52 or Project 12 through Flickr and so I don't have an external influence giving me things to shoot. Instead, I'm working on a new challenge for myself: putting together an album of my personal photos and actually printing them. So far, I have photos from New Year's and our trip to the Keys.

You may be seeing a lot of photos from the Keys in the coming months as we make trips down to scout out locations for our wedding!