Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blogging Backlog

Once again, my "apology" tag is going to see some use.

I feel like such a terrible blogger. Shooting has slowed down a bit in 2013 since life has been somewhat hectic. Not to mention, I keep running out of time to post!
Here's what I've been forgetting to share with you:

food shoot for a gaming-themed cookbook my friends are making

food photography
The cookbook is still in progress but you can find out more on their Pinterest

baby shoot with Ariel

Baby Ariel 1
Baby Ariel 2
Baby Ariel 3
Baby Ariel 4
Baby Ariel 5
Baby Ariel 6

Preston's 4th birthday party

Preston's birthday 1
Preston's birthday 2
Preston's birthday 3
Preston's birthday 4
Remember how small he was in 2010?

It also doesn't help that this year's photo challenge is a little different than the past two years. MCP is no longer running a Project 52 or Project 12 through Flickr and so I don't have an external influence giving me things to shoot. Instead, I'm working on a new challenge for myself: putting together an album of my personal photos and actually printing them. So far, I have photos from New Year's and our trip to the Keys.

You may be seeing a lot of photos from the Keys in the coming months as we make trips down to scout out locations for our wedding!

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