Tuesday, March 16, 2010

life is all about the journey [Preston & family]

Dearest Kat, Derek, and Preston,
I know this isn't exactly the way you expected your lives to turn out. I know Derek has loved you for a long time, Ms. Kat, and I've lived with you long enough to know how you feel about him. I remember sitting on your carpet and watching the way you look at each other. I also remember visiting your apartment and seeing the way you look at Preston. However, I also know how hard it is to have to live in Stuart, away from your family and friends because it's what you can afford. But looking at the way you love each other, I know that it's worth it.
And Mr. Preston, you are one of the most loved boys I have met in my life (and I have a baby brother who I almost smothered with kisses).
You have a mommy who wants to read to you and introduce you to the wonders the world holds.
Preston mom
You have a daddy who would be equally delighted to have you grow up to play football or dance ballet.
Preston dad
They are doing everything in their power to make sure that they can give you the world they want you to have, holding your hand every step of the way and sometimes carrying you when you are overwhelmed.
Preston adventure 2
It's still a bit of a shock to them how smart and curious you are. It's hard sometimes for them to keep up, yet alone get one step ahead of you. You frequently dash ahead and leave them in the dust.
Preston adventure
Preston adventure 4
Nothing can hold you back, not even falling down and bumping your head. Or having mommy ask you to 'share' and then taking away the sticks/leaves/rocks you want to taste.
Preston adventure 3
Somehow, the best of Kat and the best of Derek combined to make one of the best things in their world.
And yes, I know the majority of this post is all about the baby but just remember, he's the tour guide for the next few years of your lives. Go on great adventures, ask people to babysit so you can have time to be grown-ups and relax and remember why you made him in the first place. Don't let the stress of being young parents get to you; embrace the fact that you're going to be able to watch Preston become an all-star long before you get too senile to acknowledge it. And Kat, this journey has set you up to be a MILF. Just saying.
I love you all very much and I wish you were still walking distance away so I could just randomly show up for cupcakes and Disney movies.

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