Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hilarious outtakes [i heart faces]

It's been a week since my last post. I've been having some sleep issues so I haven't had a chance to shoot at all this week.

This week's theme at is hilarious outtakes and I could not resist sharing a few of the crazier moments Marjorie and I have seen. (They are in chronological order, from earliest to most recent.)

C.B. Smith Ryan
Ryan and I were exploring C. B. Smith park with our cameras and we came across some interesting graffiti. It said "let God" and we were trying to finish the sentence. The witty banter went back and forth for a little while and then Ryan hit on the perfect one: "Let God do the dew." The next thing you know, he is on the ground laughing hysterically. We had been photographing each other's reactions to these suggestions and I was not expecting him to fall over. This may or may not be just before he actually hit the ground.

princess bubble Clara
This is Ms. Clara, one of the teachers at the Ann Storck Center. As a special needs preschool teacher, she frequently has medically fragile kids who overheat easily. At the royal party, she was misting the students with her spray bottle. I went to take her picture as she looked down at one of the kids... and sprayed me.

total eclipse Aria
We were hanging out backstage before the preschoolers were scheduled to sing their song. Aria and Gianna were getting kind of antsy being cooped up in the dressing room and I was trying to keep them busy by photographing them. I went to take a photo of Gigi and Aria decided to jump in. The flash only illuminated her, which made for some great jokes between her mom and I. (Hi Kerri. Thanks for letting me post this photo.)

uh-oh pie
At the homecoming carnival, Invisible Children had a pie-in-the-face table to raise money. (See previous entry here.) Quite a few people wanted to pie Tony in the face so I stood by--safely out of flying whipped cream range-- and kept my finger on the shutter, hoping to get the perfect shot for University Press. I got a great one... and I also got this one.

hide under the bed
I'm not sure if this one really counts as an 'outtake' since it works for the concept. Doug and I absolutely loved Up. He constantly makes jokes about hiding under my bed because I don't have a porch (and Dug "hid under your porch because I love you"). So while we were in Ohio, he crawled under the cot and was joking about hiding under my bed so I grabbed the camera. My foot is intruding in the shot and I was mildly disappointed to discover that when I looked through the photos later.

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