Tuesday, October 27, 2009

homecoming? I'm already home

Please forgive the rediculous title. I'm running on very little sleep in an attempt to be productive and the first thing to go is the filter that stops me from making terrible jokes.

Sunday night, homecoming week officially kicked off with a 'decorate the Burrow' event.
decorate the burrow
I feel that these photos are pretty much self-explanatory.

Monday night (can I still say 'tonight' if I haven't slept yet?) was the homecoming carnival and it was fan-freaking-tastic. That isn't even a word but I'm so excited, I'm going to use it anyway.
homecoming carnival
Highlights include (from left to right):
-the swing ride
-Owlsley, our beloved burrowing owl mascot
-pieing our peers for donations to Invisible Children
-Candice's excited dancing (which I have to draw attention to, since I used it in the collage)
and, of course, the glider ride that made me really dizzy. But it looks so pretty all lit up.

Even though it looks like I was working hard the entire time, I promise I chose to have a little fun too. In between taking photos and collecting info for my captions (which I'll write once I've slept and can form a coherent sentence again), I managed to ride the rides.
retro love
I'm pretty sure the entire day can be summed up by this photo. I have my camera in my arms, my boy next to me, and I'm flying! I must be home.

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