Saturday, October 3, 2009

Preston always seems to steal the show

Early this morning I posted about Kat for her birthday and my post uh... made her cry. I swear I didn't mean it! But it's true: Kat is a gorgeous person, inside and out.

I figured since I showed you Miss Kat, I might as well show you Mr. Preston. He is absolutely precious, albeit gigantic. I'm pretty sure he spent a year in the womb because he's entirely too big and too smart to be so young. Feel free to guess how old he is. You most likely won't be able to.

little bookworm
Seriously, he's not even one and he's already trying to read. Several times last night, we found him with one of mommy's books.

funny face
He has the most squishable cheeks ever. Everyone wants to eat him up. And not only are his cheeks pinchable, he also has those chubby thighs that make everyone female within a half mile radius want to hold him.

Personally, my favorite thing about him are his eyes.
om nom Preston
Aren't they gorgeous? If he looks me in the eye, I can't help but want to do anything/everything to protect and love him.

I don't have too many pictures of Derek [yet!] but the entire family is just so wonderful and I love to be around them. They make me all mushy and sentimental. Let's just say Kat and Derek made a precious little boy and a wonderful niche for all three of them to live in.

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