Thursday, October 1, 2009

great things come to those who...

First of all, I finally sat down and made a pretty blog header. I'm still fidgeting with making the header the right size but I like it. And I changed the blog's color scheme to match-ish.

My twenty-first birthday is coming up and as resident photo dork, my wish list was very camera and Photoshop intensive. I specifically asked for some amazing MCP Actions and true to form, my aunt ordered them and Jodi sent them out immediately. I am a huge fan of instant gratification so I already tried them out on old photos.

I also got the free trial Totally Rad actions because I was torn between getting those or MCP. They're pretty sweet but I think I made the right decision for my workflow. [Ha! I sound like a grown-up.]

I guess my stance is that great things come to those who are ready to receive them. I can't say I worked hard specifically to get them because really, I used a template for my header and the Photoshop actions did not cost me anything. But I worked kind of hard to be at the point where I am ready for such awesome things in my life.

And when my 'nifty fity' [50 mm, f/1.8] lens gets here, I am going to work my ass off to get some amazing shots for the blog. A girl's got to give back.

And just to reward anyone who read all these words, here is my favorite lens flare [so far]:
tree flaregasm
I initially was trying to catch raindrops dripping off the trees but the sun came out and... *boom!*

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