Sunday, October 18, 2009

some nights all I do is watch the stars

Tonight was a gorgeous night. Between the cold front and the new moon, I just *knew* the stars would be lovely. Tonight is the kind of night that 'nightbeaching' is made for.
nightbeach 01
'Nightbeaching' is the term I use to describe going to the beach at night. Specifically, nightbeaching encompassing sitting in the sand and staring at the stars for as long as possible, usually while I'm waiting for a shooting star to wish on.
I was mildly disappointed to note that the only shooting star of the night occurred while I was facing slightly to the left of where it passed. Doug managed to wish on the star and I'm pretty sure he wished for a telescope or a dedicated astrophotography setup for me.
stars 01
And I did manage to capture a static star field, which is all I really wanted.

I also attempted to get some star trails but unfortunately, even with a new moon and the streetlights off for turtle nesting season, there was too much light pollution.
stars 02
stars 03
If you look carefully, you can see along the horizon the lights from Juno Beach. I never realized quite how bright the city lights are until I noticed the distinct orange glow. (I actually attempted to fix the overexposure that the light pollution caused. This is better. Can you imagine how orange my initial shot was? It made me sad.)

For as much as I love nightbeaching, I'd love to just be able to see the stars without any interfering light pollution. I once saw the Milky Way above me, like glitter spilled across the sky, and I wish I could see it again.

In the mean time, I enjoy laying on my back at the beach, staring at the stars. Paradise is only a ten minute drive from my dorm room.
nightbeach 02

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