Monday, October 26, 2009

I prefer tricks to treats, any day of the week

Dearest 'home', whomever you are--
Please look forward to seeing lots of post, most of which will contain massive amounts of typos and sound like a monkey with a typewriter wrote them. Homecoming week has begun and I am covering it for University Press. I am the only photographer covering the Jupiter campus so I will be getting intimately acquainted with deadlines and the crazy hour of 3am. There will be pictures and plenty of them but don't expect a coherent, cohesive narrative to accompany them.

That being said, because the homecoming game falls on Halloween, we had the Halloween ball early. And it was insane. I went as Peter Parker and carried my camera with me everywhere, which I feel lends an air of credibility to my costume. Yes, I said 'feels' as I am still thinking about why only a few people actually understood who I went as. As usual, there are very few photos of me all dressed up and I most likely won't post any of them here. (I can't say 'never' because then I'd have to eat my hat and I rather like my photojournalist hat.)

Halloween hat Doug
Note Doug, who went as Mary Jane, has stolen my hat. It is a lovely hat and I do not want to eat it.

My friends always have amazing costumes and this year was no exception.

Cassidy and Melinda went as my Peoples Around the World (anthropology reading).
Halloween Ball
Selale, Candice, and Gina took Alice in Wonderland to a new level of DIY greatness. (All three lovely ladies made their own costumes. I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am that they were willing to let me photograph them repeatedly.)
But the best group theme I saw all night was Rachel, Megan, and Val as three badass roller derby chicks.
roller derby girls

I'm not entirely sure whether I'll be going to the homecoming game or trick-or-treating. So just in case I go with school spirit, I am going to ask you now: trick or treat? I can only hope that someone will decide to trick me out of my room and treat me to some sort of adventure.

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