Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the best way to see magic is to make it

I know I'm supposed to be working on homecoming photos and/or homework but I couldn't resist doing something absolutely brave and uncharacteristic: experimenting. Sadly, my dorm room isn't big enough to build myself a darkroom but I do have Photoshop and a crazy imagination.

I've recently been itching to play with a tilt-shift lens (which is funny, considering I have a Lensbaby) but they are so far out of my price range. Once I realized I couldn't afford one, I decided to see if I could imitate one. After reading a few tutorials, gazing lovingly at other people's shots, and pricing out a lens, just in case, I decided to plunge in.

I am by no means an expert at photography or Photoshop. That being said, I occasionally enjoy trying to piece together how to use what I have to achieve what I see. In this case, I decided to use multiple layers of blur with a reflected gradient to try to mimic the way the focus gradually decreases in 'bands'. (By the way, I cannot describe for the life of me what I was trying to attempt. I figure since this blog is read mostly by people who know very little about photography, I can eschew technical terms in favor of easy-to-understand words.)

tilt shift beach
In case anyone was curious about the photo, this is Kevin doing his best imitation of me, circa June 2008.

Tomorrow, I'm covering the golf cart parade for University Press so I will be resuming my regularly scheduled homecoming coverage.

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