Sunday, November 21, 2010

all paths lead to the sea

Somehow, I end up at the beach any time I need a dose of tranquility. The sea and I are usually on good terms and there used to be a torrid love affair. (I went to a marine science magnet program for high school.) So I wasn't too surprised when yesterday's drink run turned into a beach trip. It was a wonderful surprise and made me happy. I spent 45 minutes staring towards the horizon,watching the surfers take advantage of the beautiful waves.

(Image larger than usual to show detail)

I apologize for not having more images to show but the surfers proved that my camera is somewhat inadequate for meeting my needs. Even with ISO 1600, the highest ISO she's capable of, there wasn't enough light to get a decent shot. If I had a workable shutter speed, it was underexposed. If I had a decent amount of light, there was too much motion blur. And oh, the noise! I just could not get happy enough with more than 5 shots. I blame the dune for blocking the setting sun's light from reaching the surfers, but that's mostly because I can't stand being angry with Marjorie (my camera).

Saturday, November 13, 2010

walking by

I went on a walk with Doug today. I stopped every few feet to photograph something. All the trees had faces and personalities I needed to capture. Our shadow intrigued me. I saw a red truck drive by. I was happy.

tree faces
tree faces 2
tree faces 3
happy walk
retro red truck diptych
calm walk

Thursday, November 11, 2010

little things

Lately I've been suffering from what I assumed was anxiety but is actually my heart being a butt. (I mean that in the nicest way, as my heart belongs to my camera.) I've been spending a lot of time at my desk instead of adventuring or working on photo projects. But today, I thought I was going to go insane if I didn't shoot something.

The spiderweb outside my window was glinting gold in the sunlight. I saw a bird's nest in my favorite tree. There was a bird of paradise backlit by the setting sun in the middle of a parking lot outside the book store. These are the little things I absolutely loved today. While I don't feel better physically, I feel a little more calm and happy having seen and captured them.

little things

Monday, November 1, 2010

"we hung like space stations and rocket ships"

‎"we hung like space stations and rocket ships
and dreamed like we were beings of the sky.
we dressed like kings and queens and lovers and
shouted out into the night 'we're never gonna die!'
-Something Corporate, "Airports"

learn to fly

Today, I was one of the model's for Alexa's rocket ship themed knitwear photo shoot. (If you click the link, you get to see my apprehensive pre-launch face.) And then, I took a ton of pictures because we were having a ton of fun.

chasing spaceships
Running around, pretending to be blasting off, was kind of warm since we live in South Florida and it feels like summer all the time.
fountain dance party

These girls make me super happy. The pink haired, crazy one is Megan of Sugary Cynicism fame.
Megan jump shot
The cute red-head is Alexa, the professional fan girl yarn genius.
Alexa diptych
I wish I had something to link Jasmine to, especially since I love this photo so darn much.

PS: Which do you like best: the B star, the full Brendazzle*, or no watermark?