Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lake Worth street painting festival

Please bear with me as I am still exhausted from Sunday but I promised I'd get these photos up. I tried my best not to pick any that overlapped with the ones in the gallery but I had a few favorites I wanted to properly post-process.

lwsaf diptych 4
sketching music
work in progress
coloring hair

I absolutely love this one. Between her hat and the colors used in her flamingo, it just screams South Florida to me.
Floridian artist
This artist was really nice and genuinely wanted to talk to people about her piece.
meet the artist
She asked me if I could send her a photo of her artwork. And while we were talking, I caught her laughing and it was just too perfect.
silly pastels

I loved watching the artists work and since everyone was photographing them anyway, they pretty much ignored me and allowed me to capture them hard at work.
lwsaf diptych 3
lwsaf diptych 2
lwsaf diptych

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  1. Fun pictures.

    Also, I noticed you link to me at MCP Actions.

    The link has changed to http://www.mcpactions.com

    If you are able to update that, it would be great.

    Thank you so much!