Monday, February 15, 2010

slow dance [I heart faces]

This week, I'm not going to forget the link back button. See? This time, I'm not going to accidentally disqualify myself because of something silly. That being said, on to the actual post...

At the moment, I have the entire I [heart] Faces schedule written on my mirror in dry erase marker as a means to motivate myself. I've actually been saving this photo for a while to use for a challenge, rather than blogging it when I should have, uh... a month ago? This is one of the few photos from New Year's Eve that I don't dislike because of the lighting situation in the basement. I absolutely love it for the way he's looking at her, like he cannot believe he's actually dancing with her.

New Years Dance
Canon Rebel XT
18-55 kit lens at 33mm
f/4.5, 1/60sec, ISO 400
pop-up flash
texture from Dying Beauty Stock
slight vignette added to distract from the background