Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lazy day afternoon

Sometimes when I know things are about to get crazy in my life, I like to have very chill days where I don't do much to stress myself out. Seeing as I'm covering *two* events for University Press this weekend (tomorrow and Saturday), I decided to take it easy today. It kind of helps that law was canceled today.

When I walked into Doug's room and saw him reading on the couch, the light was just perfect and I absolutely needed to photograph the moment before it faded.
lazy day studying
Some lyrics come to mind when I look at this photo: "Beautiful day outside, but I don't care. Everything I need I got right here. Why should I go out? Why should I even move? Just another lazy day afternoon." The Plain White Ts describe perfectly the way today felt. Even the plant was cooperating and it just felt so wonderful and calm.
cheerful plant
I've been poking about in Photoshop, trying to see about mimicking my lensbaby (since it's inconvenient to switch lenses in the middle of everything but I love my baby and miss playing with her.) It's not perfect yet but I'm working on it.