Friday, February 19, 2010

"breathe in, breathe out/'cause this is life, you are living it right now"

Last night was the Beau Bristow show and he was absolutely amazing. I've been writing and rewriting this entry and nothing I say seems to convey just how much his music impacted me. I guess the best explanation is that I needed to hear some of the things he says in his songs.
Beau Bristow triptych

I know these photos aren't technically perfect. They're far from it. Too much grain, too much motion blur, not sharp enough... But rather than focusing on what's wrong, I'd like for you to listen to his music and tell me that you don't feel something when you look at the photos.
Beau Bristow OOF
Beau Bristow split-tone
Beau Bristow bw
Maybe love's not enough but that's what I have.

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