Thursday, February 21, 2013

march of the spambots

I guess this little blog is bigger than I initially thought since it is now a target for spam bots!
I see a lot of it at work. People buy a tool, pick blog specs (like page rank, blog type, where it's hosted, whether there's word verification to comment, etc.) and set a robot to leave comments galore. Apparently my blog is awesome enough to attract some attention because I keep getting spam bots. I considered following their links and spamming them but that's silly and a waste of time.
So... One Thousand Words Home is getting the dreaded captcha. I know it's a turn-off and may deter some comments but I need to stop the influx of spam. I'm sorry, I know it sucks but it needs to be done. I refuse to let their links be cached and have Google think I support them. You have to earn a link from me.

Since this post became a little ranty, I figure I owe you a picture from the archives.
beach wedding
When I was photographing Baby Ariel the first time, there was a wedding going on just down the beach. The view was great. I took a photo during one of Ariel's outfit changes and wasn't going to blog it. I guess you can thank the spammers because now you get to see it.

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