Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm back with no tales to tell

It's been a while since I posted and I feel like One Thousand Words Home has been in a bit of limbo. I didn't announce I wasn't going to be blogging because I didn't plan to be gone. I hope that some of you stuck around and checked occasionally for an update.

I lost my love for blogging a few months back. I also haven't really been shooting much either. Work's been time-consuming, I've been knitting like a fiend, and Relay for Life prep has been eating away at what little 'downtime' I have.

I don't know how frequently I'll post or what caliber my posts will be but I love this blog and I want to keep it alive. I'm coming up on my 4 year anniversary here at OTWH and I'm proud of that.

I didn't want to just jump back into the swing of things with Relay so you're getting these instead.

On Easter Sunday, a Mickey Mouse balloon drifted into our backyard and that's where he stayed as he slowly deflated.
Easter Mickey 1
Easter Mickey 2
Before I gathered him up and tossed him, I decided to take some photos of 'Crime Scene Mickey'.
Crime Scene Mickey 1
Crime Scene Mickey 2
Crime Scene Mickey 3
Crime Scene Mickey 4
Crime Scene Mickey 5 diptych
Crime Scene Mickey 6
Crime Scene Mickey Polaroid

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