Monday, May 24, 2010

a day in the life

I usually don't like to mix events in one post; a single cohesive theme always works better for me. But I also don't like to toss up multiple small posts in one day because then I'm concerned that something might be overlooked.

Saturday was a pretty interesting day, which is the excuse I gave myself for putting this post together. It was my first day out with my camera since I moved to Boca.

I started the morning with two crazy socks that did not match. I have a few pairs of mismatched socks now because I keep losing one but they're just too cute to toss.
crazy socks
Then I ended up with a new watch from Pier 1. I named him Duck Duck. I really wanted to take pictures in the store but I was afraid to ask.
duck duck watch
From there, I went to the grand reopening of the Palm Beach County Public Library on Glades Road. The balloons just made it look so much more cheerful.
Palm Beach library

After running errands and generally being a fashionable dork, I decided to venture out and check out the closed Ben & Jerry's.
abandoned Ben & Jerry's drive-thru shadow
While I could not get inside, I had a pretty awesome time photographing the outside. The textures of the brick and the newspaper and the peeled-off decals just appealed to me. Plus, there was no one around and the solitude to shoot as I pleased was kind of nice.

The record store next door also is empty and I couldn't resist peering in through the window. I managed to catch my reflection.
abandoned record store
In my life, I frequently have messy hair and a silly looking camera backpack, but I always end the day happy and with great photos.

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