Friday, May 14, 2010

nothing says 'love' like a JPEG...

I'm sure all my photographer friends are arguing amongst themselves about the post title. ["JPEG!" "No, RAW."] But seriously, nothing says 'love' like a JPEG that says
. This chunk of hynka-hunka-burning pixels comes from the lovely Megan over at Sugary Cynicism.

In times past, Megan has served many roles in my life.

We've worked alongside each other as members of the press
defeated the boys at safe driving (hence the crown)

gotten all cut up together exploring

and she even killed me (symbolically) for Earth Day

The point is that Megan apparently loves me a lot. And it's a super shame that I don't love any other bloggers I know as much as I love her (except Doug, but he has no internet to update Silly Geth).

So Megan, here is some love in the form of four JPEGs. If you want more time on the blog, feel free to come visit me.


  1. aww, I feels the warm and fuzzies <3 (also dayumn that earth day pic is old!

  2. I wish I had that with someone *sniffle, slit*.

  3. I know. It's really old but I love it soooo much.

    And Simon, I'm always open to new friends/models/victims.