Sunday, November 15, 2009

he has +6 charisma

sophomore portrait

I considered just posting a teaser and making everyone wait a few days but I couldn't torture myself like that. Doug really does have a pretty decent charisma modifier. It makes me want to spend more time with him, talking and laughing and generally doing rediculous things like stealing each other's chairs. Just strolling around campus in the sunshine with him is enough to banish the graphite grays.

sunflower statue

He's pretty quirky sometimes, which makes him the perfect match. At the risk of sounding all mushy, I consider myself lucky to find someone who will indulge me and climb on random statues so I can take pictures.

in the spiral
climbing the statue

Truthfully, Doug's charisma isn't the only reason I keep him around. He also has these killer blue eyes that I love love love to photograph.

reflection of affection
Can you blame a girl? I mean, really... I melt.
doe eyes

Doug is really more of a video game person than a "let's go for a walk and take a million pictures" kind of guy, but he tolerates my shutterbug habits pretty well. He strikes a pose, lets me fire off a shot (singular), and tries not to knock my camera around when he tickles me.
rockstar much
I suppose it's a reasonable compromise for me spending my free time watching him play Lord of the Rings Online.

This has gotten much more sappy than I had originally intended. But I suppose that's what happens when I decide to save my favorite photo for last. I suppose I was subconsciously building up to this. It makes me really happy every time I see this:
I heart you
I really want to frame it and hang it on my wall.

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