Thursday, November 12, 2009

nowhere near professional but somewhere in the garden

Today I was in the butterfly garden, working on a surprise project. Since I had my 70-300mm lens on macro mode anyway... I figured I might as well shoot anything on wings that came close enough to be in focus.

So along comes pooh bee, as I call him. He is big and fluffy and I assume he likes honey. I also managed to catch him mid-flight. His wings did not stop for a second and I'm amazed I had a fast enough shutter speed to capture him.
flight of the bumblebee
flight of the bumblebee 2

I continued wandering along, shooting the super secret sort of macro project when along flew this gorgeous little butterfly.
Be still my heart!
I think I'm in love...
Seriously though, this is one tiny little butterfly. She's so cute when she follows me around.

I hope to have the macro project up on flickr by the time I go to bed tomorrow but who really knows? I noticed while post-processing these that my camera was still at ISO 800 from the stars shoot so uh... grain that is going to drive me insane. See what I mean about not being a pro?

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