Tuesday, November 24, 2009

home is where the gators are

Dear home,
I can't wait to see you. It's almost Thanksgiving and that means I get to sleep in my own bed and explore the familiar territories. This year, I want to go visit the local gators. It's a shame all my babies are up by me. I'd sure like for you to meet them. They can eat the leftover turkey. (I jest. Feeding gators is a BAD idea!) I meant to post more pictures for you but I've been reading all about 'natural resource management' in a Floridian community. In other words, I've been reading about the fight between a town's inhabitants and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission as to who should be allowed to catch catfish and hunt gators. See? So many color-coded notes.

Please let me photograph some gators. I need it. And I'm sorry I neglected you. Forgive me?

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