Saturday, November 7, 2009

life can be pretty in-tents sometimes

I apologize for the lame title but I couldn't resist. Last night was Enviro Club's In Tents event which meant camping on the rec field. Although I didn't camp out because I'm sick, I certainly wouldn't have missed the opportunity to eat some s'mores.
in tents 01
I mean, come on. We got to make s'mores. S'mores are totally hardcore.
in tents 02
See? Barbara and Al are demonstrating exactly how tough you have to be to be able to go camping. I'm just not tough enough (yet!). Personally, I'm more interested in taking photos than ensuring my own survival.
in tents 03
There were tents. And clouds. And lights. And I got distracted. It was all so pretty.
in tents 04
Besides, it's not like there were any bears around.
This is my life. I make jokes about bears and take pictures of tents on manicured grass. It's pretty much the opposite of intense and I love it. I miss exploring dark, dangerous places filled with alligators and wild boar but really, it's so much safer to stay in suburbia. I need an adventure!

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