Thursday, November 5, 2009

"I can't see why you'd want me/but I'll believe 'cause it's all I need"

Tad Dreis came to campus tonight to play a show for us. I saw him two years ago and absolutely fell in love with his silliness. Who else would have a song entitled "Good For You"? Or sing about hallucinogenic pear blossoms?
Tad Dreis
I wish I had better words to describe how I feel about Tad Dreis but I'm still fan-girling. I think it's best I just share photos and keep my happy squeaking sounds to myself.

Pretty much, this is how amazing his show was. Everyone packed into the Burrow to watch him play guitar and harmonica and sing.

This was my view for the majority of the show.

And just to complete my fan-girl squealing, here are our eyes.

Yes, I got hugs from Tad himself. And there's (another) signed poster for my wall now, but that's for my eyes only.

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