Saturday, November 14, 2009

counting sheep sort of put me to sleep

Last night was sort of long because my creativity kicked in around 1am and I got more involved with my post-processing. Of course, as soon as I finished all the sheep photos, I fell asleep. I can only hoping I'm not putting any of my readers to sleep (except maybe my mom, since she stayed up with me while I was working on these).

Naturally, most of these photos look like dreams to me.

fairy tale sheep

I kind of want this one to be my Christmas card (that I'm not mailing out because a. I just showed it to you and b. mailing cards requires me to know people's addresses).

Or maybe this one.

And I would love to put up a collage of these on my wall.

Maybe I'm just easily amused but it looks like Woolsy has a small range of facial expressions.

I was definitely having too much fun with this.

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