Wednesday, November 11, 2009

traveling by Babylon candle

Sometimes when I need to think or be alone, I go for a walk. I just put in my headphones, grab my camera, and go. It helps me to clear my mind or to process through all the thoughts that churn around and around.
stars and trees
Sometimes I just feel so small and meaningless so these walks give me a chance to reevaluate my place in the world.
chasing ghosts
When I look up at the stars, I remember my place in the world. My place is wishing on stars with my camera cradled in my arms.
stars and trees and powerlines
I tend not to travel too far from home when I need to think. I'm not quite up to traveling to Babylon by the light of a candle; I'm not up to chasing a fallen star just to prove that I love.*
stars and powerlines 02
stars and powerlines 01
I've looked at this scene countless times and always wanted to photograph it. Tonight I did. There aren't any shooting stars, nothing mystical or magical about it. This is just a familiar landscape, the stars I wish on and the humming power lines I like to sit under when I need to think.
sign and stars
If Babylon was the ideal city, then I need to keep traveling. But in the mean time, there are signs to lead me home.

*In case this literary references are foreign to anyone, I'm referring to Stardust, one of my favorite novels ever and to a nursery rhyme referenced within the book

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  1. In rereading this post, I realized that I posted at 11:11 on 11/11.