Wednesday, November 25, 2009

" are like a sunset to me"

This post is future-dated so that it goes up when the date changes (or at least that's my hope). I warn you: this might get kind of sentimental. Read at your own risk.

Today, November 25th, is Doug's birthday. Chances are, you know who he is and what he means to me. He's the McGee to my Abby, the Mary Jane to my Peter Parker, the doughnut to my cupcake.
He's the kind of person I can just lay with and watch the sunset. Or watch the stars. Or watch tv and be completely 'relaxed'. (He's always telling me to relax. It's kind of funny because I can't seem to sit still or shut up but he hasn't given up yet.) He appreciates me for who and what I am. And oh, how I adore him.
He's been my knight in shining armor, the person I cry all over, and the one who tickles me until I can't breathe.
I could go on and on about how he makes me feel but anyone who knows me already knows.

Doug's room sunset

Doug, I know it isn't nice to repeatedly ask you "how it feels to no longer be a teenager anymore" so I won't ask you again. Happy Birthday sweetheart. May tomorrow's sunset be even better than tonight's.

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