Monday, June 27, 2011

Marty McFly Monday

Yesterday, there was a really cute bee hitching a ride on the windshield. I posted a photo but said nothing. If you clicked through to the photo on flickr, I made a kind of silly joke. Then, I mentioned off-hand to Doug that since I felt guilty about not posting, I might throw together a Marty MyFly Monday -- a one time feature for my little windshield buddy.
Since I can't sleep at the moment, I'm trying to put together this blog post. I'm running into some difficulties since I've never actually seen Back to the Future (and the only reason the name popped into my head was a Facebook event in the sidebar). But since the middle of the night is great for half-thought-out posts, I'd like to introduce you to Marty.

He hitched a ride on our windshield home from the grocery store.
Marty McFly bee
He posed for a photo session.
Marty McFly bee 2
He 'held' my hand.
Marty McFly bee 3

He's pretty cute and photogenic and I hope he's happy in my grapevine.

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