Friday, May 27, 2011

the rest of the adventure

Two blogs in one day? It seems weird but I wanted to make sure my project 52 entry was up on time. I already covered the wedding in detail but I took some other pictures on the trip.

I started my trip with two flights: one to Atlanta and then a connecting flight to St. Louis. I managed to get window seat so I could watch the sun rise from the airplane. (I wrote about my love of mid-air sunrises before I left.)
sunrise plane flight diptych
As I was landing in Atlanta, I got this shot out the window. It struck me as profound and something I HAD to capture but I'm not entirely sure why.
smokestacks and skylines

I already blogged the wedding and there's nothing to show from the bachelor/ette party.

The day after the wedding, Mattie took me to the Laumeier sculpture park. One of Jim's friends came with us and at one point, he let me try out his 5DMkII.
Laumeier sculpture park portrait
Laumeier sculpture park portrait 2
Those are my favorite photos from the excursion, and not just because of the camera. I honestly do not understand art sometimes. For example, why use bleachers as part of your piece if you do not want anyone to touch them?
Laumeier sculpture park
That isn't to say that I didn't love some of the pieces. This one made me so happy.
Laumeier sculpture park 2
These did too.
Laumeier sculpture park 3
Laumeier sculpture park 4
Laumeier sculpture park 5
Mattie had posed me on the last sculpture because the side we were on didn't have a sign. So I figured once we had already broken the rules (unknowingly), I might as well enjoy myself and get a picture of Mattie with the sign.

On the flight home, I got window seat from St. Louis to Atlanta. I got to see the river (I'm not sure whether it was the Mississippi or the Missouri) and some really fluffy clouds.
airplane window
airplane window 2
I got to watch the sun set over Atlanta.
sunset over Atlanta

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