Tuesday, May 10, 2011

it's time for a FIELD TRIP!

Did anyone else hear that title in Miss Frizzle's voice?
Moving on... On Saturday, mom and I were babysitting one of her former students, who is so much like me when I was her age, and so we just had to go to the Museum of Discovery and Science. I went over winter break so I was overdue for a return trip. I didn't take too many pictures because my main priority was my mini-me but I couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorites. I already sent my favorite people photos to her parents.

I love the fruit bats.
MODS bats
If I ever questioned why I needed higher ISO capabilities, this shot proves it. Hello 1/50 handheld shutter speed. (For those of you who don't know much about photography, low light means I need a longer shutter speed, which most likely entails me either putting my camera on a tripod or having a blurry shot because I move too much.)

I got a better picture of this guy last time. His glass was a little smudged and he was a little sleepy.
MODS gecko diptych

MODS snake
MODS snake tank diptych
MODS frog
MODS turtle 2

MODS fish tank
MODS fish tank 2

Those of you who knew me pre-blog know my obsession with alligators. (I'm slightly embarrassed by how awful some of those photos are.) While mom and her student explored the kids' section, I chilled at the alligator tank.
MODS gator 2
MODS gator 4
There was one gator who kept diving into the fountain and trying to grab something. I think he was trying to catch some lunch, except there isn't any in the tank.
MODS gator 3

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