Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sunrise and butterflies [52:20]

Many years ago, my cousin was selling holiday gifts through school and tucked in the back of the catalog was a set of butterfly window clings. I saw them and immediately decided that they would be perfect on my east-facing window. Even now, cracked and faded, the butterflies add a special touch to my view of fluffy clouds and tree tops.
Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I got a rare opportunity: to watch the sun rise through the butterflies. I rarely see the sunrise because I'm a night owl and therefore sleep right through it. But last night, I absolutely could not fall asleep. So I got to watch the sun rise this morning before I finally dozed off.
waiting for sunrise
waiting for sunrise diptych
waiting for sunrise diptych 2
waiting for sunrise 2
waiting for sunrise 3
waiting for sunrise 4
waiting for sunrise diptych 3
As I watched the sun peek through, I realized that I had the perfect photo for my project 52. This is springtime. This is the world waking up after a long, cold winter (although not in Florida). And this is exquisite happiness, especially to a sleep-deprived mind.
project 52-20-sunrise butterflies diptych
Watching the golden sunlight play on every surface of my room was absolutely wonderful. Maybe I should wake up early more often and go play in the sunshine somewhere, soaking up its golden shine. Anyone for a beach day?

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