Friday, May 27, 2011

Mattie and Jim are married

After being super nervous about shooting their wedding, I can honestly say that this was the best way to ease in and try out being a 'pro' photographer. I've known Mattie since I was a freshman in college and she's always made me feel more confident about myself; meeting Jim just added to the list of people who make me braver and better. I could go on and on about how much I adore Mattie and Jim but it should be obvious by now. I still have a hard time believing that they like my work enough to fly me out to St. Louis to shoot their wedding but apparently they do. Jim is a photographer himself so I know what a big deal it is for him to choose me.

Their wedding was held at the Old Playground Pavilion in Tower Grove Park.
Her dress (for the ceremony) was her grandmother's and every woman in her family is given the opportunity to wear it.
The ceremony was officiated by their friend, Claudia. Mattie and Jim met when Claudia hired him to photograph her wedding.

Mattie Jim wedding venue diptych

We started off doing portraits so everyone could relax and eat after the ceremony.
Mattie Jim wedding 01 diptych
Mattie Jim wedding 02 diptych
Mattie Jim wedding 03 diptych
Mattie Jim wedding 04
Mattie Jim wedding 05
Mattie Jim wedding 06
Mattie Jim wedding 07 diptych
Mattie Jim wedding 08
Mattie Jim wedding 09
Mattie Jim wedding 10 triptych
Nervously waiting for the ceremony to start.
Mattie Jim wedding 11 diptych

With the rings secure on their fingers and not lost in the grass, they were pronounced husband and wife.
Mattie Jim wedding 12 diptych
Mattie Jim wedding 13

Our friend Randi and her mister, Brad, drove up from the Panhandle with their swords. They gave Mattie and Jim a sword arch to walk through and something fun to cut the cake with.
Mattie Jim wedding 14
Mattie Jim wedding 15
Brad sabered the champagne for the toast.

The wedding was beautiful and I am so glad I got the honor of photographing it.


  1. WOW Mattie's dress is so FREAKING BEAUTIFUL

  2. I know. It was her grandmother's and it's so timeless and beautiful.