Monday, December 27, 2010

exploration is in order

I am a huge fan of small-scale exploration when I am home. Part of it is that I enjoy walking the familiar streets of my neighborhood with a new perspective. It looks different every single time I wander, especially when it's the holidays. I decided to photograph some of the houses nearby on Christmas Eve, just to capture how magical the lights are.
Christmas Eve garage lights
Christmas Eve lights
Christmas Eve angel
Christmas Eve reindeer
Christmas Eve house
Christmas Eve inflatibles

I also like to explore places that are specific to home, such as museums and parks. Yesterday, mom and I went to the Museum of Discovery and Science to see the Clyde Butcher exhibit. I took a few photos in the Florida ecosystem exhibit and then just wandered around in awe.
MODS gravity clock
MODS sea turtle

My favorite shot from the museum, mostly because of the eye contact.
MODS gecko

MODS turtles
MODS gator

Tomorrow, I get to shoot the most precious baby in the family and then go to the Morikami Japanese Gardens with my mom. I am trying to get a little bit more adventure in before I become a pile of mush on New Year's Day.

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