Thursday, December 16, 2010

home sweet holidays

After much technical difficulties and stress, I am finally settled in at home and can post again. Without going into too much detail, my operating system got corrupted and I had to reinstall Windows 7. Luckily, all my photos are safe. Unfortunately, I don't have too much to share (yet!) but I should tomorrow.

As part of family tradition, we make Hanukkah cookies every year. This year, Doug and I made Darth Vader and Yoda respectively.
Hanukkah cookies

We also had a very fishy, festive meal with my grandfather at Flanigan's.
fishy Christmas

This is completely random but it amused me while I was cleaning my room:
toy soldier
He's guarding my sea shells.

And just because stats make me happy: I was checking my Flicks stats and discovered that someone found my photos through a Google search for "photos of Bellingrath Garden at Christmas", which lists my photo as the second link (above their official site). That same photo is also sixth when you search for "Bellingrath Gardens Christmas lights"

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