Friday, December 17, 2010

little milestones

Last night, I watched my little brother play cello in his high school orchestra. I hadn't seen him play since middle school because I was away at college. He absolutely amazed me. In his tuxedo, with his face shaven and his hair pulled back, he looked like a stranger. But any time he wasn't intently staring at his sheet music, he was smiling at me.
brotherface cello diptych

Today, my new camera is arrived. Doug still hasn't told me everyone who chipped in to buy it for me but I know his family, my family, and my friends all did this for me. I am surrounded by great people. And I can't wait to see how great my as-of-yet-unnamed 50D is.
new camera

Tomorrow, my mother is going to meet Doug's family in Orlando. The in-laws are finally getting to talk in person. This is a HUGE step. I think we need a family photo in Seuss Landing.

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