Tuesday, March 8, 2011

surgery and spring break so far

Dear readers,
I mentioned off-hand a few posts ago that I was going in for heart surgery and then left you hanging. Sorry about that. Surgery on Friday went well. My heart is still adjusting to a 'normal' rhythm so it has a few blips here and there but the difference overall is like night and day. I feel like me again. Well, except for the discomfort from them making incisions essentially in my hips. The bruising is something fierce and is entirely too gruesome to post where everyone can see and it's still a pain to be in any position too long or to walk around for long periods of time.

I am so happy to be home. When I left the hospital, the only visible proof of anything was the gauze from where the IV was, my bracelet, and my limp. (And also the balloons and flowers.)

I'm glad that I rebounded so quickly because I uh... had pressing plans to get to. While I couldn't take him to Islands of Adventure as promised, I still wanted to give him the best time in Florida I could. Yes, my best friend Corbin flew in from Virginia the day before I went in for surgery.

He and Doug kept me busy the night before and visited me the second mom would let them into my hospital room (although I did not bring my camera so there are no pictures of that).

On Sunday (despite me overexerting myself in the shower and getting so bruised that I looked like I got hit my a truck), the boys and I went on an airboat ride. While I did not take any photos on the actual boat ride, that was only because I was too busy making kissy faces at the purple gallinules. They are my favorite Everglades bird and I never would have noticed them if I had been looking through my camera. I did get a few pictures during the alligator show.

I felt like such a tourist but it's okay because Corbin actually was one.

I was also equally as excited about the peacocks as I was about the alligators. Once I saw the first one on the roof, I was smitten.

It wouldn't be an adventure without a rear view mirror shot... and this time I have Corbin taking pictures out the window too.

When it came time to say goodbye to Corbin yesterday, I did not want to. I'm pretty sure I clung to him at the airport for ten minutes, trying to figure out how to keep him from leaving.

Doug wasn't exactly immune either.

I may have bribed him with some gator jerky on the way home.

In a nutshell, that's how my spring break has been so far. Surgery, which I am recovering from at an amazing pace. Adventure, which I intend to have more of. Best friends and great memories, which seems to be the majority of my blog posts. And photos, because this is a photo blog.
Sorry all the photos are linked from Facebook. I have to switch positions frequently so I didn't want to make posting photos to Flickr a 2 hour endeavor.

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