Friday, October 1, 2010

what I've been up to as of late

Every time I doubt the need for an 'apology' tag, I end up having to do a post like this one.

Dear home,
I am sorry posting has been sporadic as of late. Between a difficult paper, three weeks of vision problems before I finally got computer glasses, more school work demanding my attention, and the wait for my new logo (which I am not even using yet), it's been almost a month since I brought you any real content. I still don't have much in the way of cohesive posting so I thought I'd show you what the past two days have entailed in my life.

We had a tropical depression come through, bringing torrential rains and crazy looking skies.
rain boots
tropical depression skies

My camera lens still fogs up every time I go from my freezing dorm room to anywhere outside the residence hall.
hazy flower
Mostly, I'm either in the res hall or in class so I do a lot of admiring the awesome banners for various events on campus.
lobby music

I can't show you my revisions on the paper I alluded to or the math test I took or the work I'm doing towards my thesis. But I'm getting work done. And hopefully some time this weekend, I can reward myself with a photo shoot or two.

In the mean time, gaze upon my amazing cat's eye glasses for everyday (photo shoots) and my Peter Parker glasses for computer work (post-processing). They're probably the most exciting thing in this entire post.

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