Saturday, September 18, 2010

breathe in, breathe out...

I've been keeping quiet all week, waiting to hear definitively before saying a word. I've been unable to get my eyes to focus for almost 2 weeks. I was getting conflicting guesses to what the problem could be and quite a few of those did not bode well for a career as a photographer. But I think I found an optometrist with an answer I can live with. The idea of having one pair of glasses for shooting and another for post-processing (okay, more like a pair for daily living and another one for working at my desk) is much easier to stomach than the idea that I have a problem with the muscles or with my brain.

While I'm waiting the week for the new glasses so I can see again, I'm continuing to exist in a state of denial. I'm refusing to let my inability to see get in the way of taking great photos. Today I shot my cousin using only manual focus and I managed to nail about half of them without being able to focus my eyes.

icky Nicky sneaky peeky

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