Sunday, September 5, 2010

a day out with my heroes

It all started with Dave needing to run an errand and wanting someone to ride along. He was already my hero by then for saving the tea party with a HUGE extension cord. But I digress. Doug and I decided to ride along with Dave down I95 to Hypoluxo. We opted to take the side roads back when I saw towers in the distance and decided to investigate. That began our great adventure.

Hypoluxo is known for the Barefoot Mailman and once we found the statue, the boys decided we needed to do a barefoot walk through the scrub.

Dave was really into the ecology of the scrub habitat while Doug was more into just exploring. So while Dave was showing me awesome ants (not pictured for the safety of the squeamish) and an endangered air plant, Doug was relaxing in the breeze. And me? I was collecting 'sand glass' and poking rusty things.

While Doug was lamenting the sad state of his poor toe, I somehow talked Dave into climbing the awesome tree (barefoot, of course).

As we were heading back to campus, we passed the most beautiful buttercup loveseat I have ever seen. So I asked Dave to turn around so I could check it out. I could not believe anyone could be getting rid of one of my dream props so Dave knocked on the door and asked if we could have the couch. Hello, hero.

And poor Doug had to use his body to brace the couch in the van all the way home. (Sorry moms!) He is totally my hero for not only protecting Princess Buttercup but for also waving to cars as we passed by and not freaking out about the long climb uphill around the port.

Since it was an impromptu couch adoption, we didn't have a proper way to denote our open trunk transport. So we used a Reese's wrapper.

It looks like it belongs in my life.

For the record, I am totally dragging this couch out to shoots. It's so much fun.

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