Monday, September 6, 2010

ignite your passion

Tonight, I wanted to do some light painting. Since my tripod was still in Dave's van, I called him to see if he could let me retrieve it. When I explained what I was planning, he packed a bag of goodies and set out with Doug and I. While the Target glow sticks weren't really bright enough to make good shots, Dave's plans made for some interesting shots.

The first thing out of Dave's bag was some isopropyl alcohol. Doug and Dave worked together to make a heart and Doug lit it. (We used a long candle lighter and do not advice anyone attempting to replicate this, as now both boys have hairless hands.)
flame heart
flame heart 2
flame heart diptych

Of course, Dave didn't want to be outdone and decided to make blue flame in a flask and then in a bottle. Woosh!
blue flame
Half the time, the alcohol wouldn't ignite until after my shutter had closed and would be burnt out by the time I could get the shutter open again. But this shot was absolutely, perfectly timed and makes me super happy.

And then Dave had to secure his position as my go-to guy for light painting by bringing out his miniature Tesla coil.
tesla coil fairy tale storyboard
It looks like a fairy tale to me.

I cannot wait to get better glow sticks and get to the park before it's closed for the night. I bet I can get the three of us to glow on the swingset.

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