Saturday, September 4, 2010

sandhill cranes and empty showers

Yesterday was one of those days where I shot a little, wandered a lot, and took a break from schoolwork. I wasn't originally intending to but I ran in to my favorite cranes ever when I went to pick something up and I just had to run back with my camera.
sandhill crane board
For the record, they do not like either the sound of my shutter or my auto-focus beep because the male got frightened and flapped towards/past me to scare me off. I wish I had a shot of that but I was trying to protect my camera and got a 70-300 lens to the chin.

I also went with Doug to finish up moving his stuff from the apartment to campus and ended up thinking for a little while in the bathtub. I do my best thinking in an empty tub in a quiet room. Weird.
bathtub meditation
shower grunge
I also loved the detail of the faucet. I'm eccentric sometimes but I think it works out to my advantage.

And just because I enjoy random statistics as much as the next person, I am about to hit 400 photos on my flickr.

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