Wednesday, October 20, 2010

adventure, cosplay, and Jimmy Buffett

My paper is done and turned it. I am finished going through the photos. I am barely mourning the fact that I had to drop out of the zombies game. And so, you get to see an abbreviated version of the annual Honors College Islands of Adventure trip.

The "crazy Halloween shoot" I alluded to in my last post did not take over the day like I expected it would, for which I was kind of glad. My roommates decided to wear their Halloween costumes and cosplay. Brooke was Tohru, Rachael H was Kyo, and Rachael P. was Saki (from Fruits Basket).
Universal cosplay
Tohru and Kyo were recognized all day and total strangers even asked if they could take a picture. It was super awesome. We took a few pictures to use as promotional material for Anime Club (and my photography portfolio) but mostly we just had a lot of fun goofing off.
Universal cosplay diptych
We also tried out my off-camera flash trigger...
Universal cosplay diptych 2
...which fell off the rock we propped it up on right after those shots. Oops. So much for a new toy.

The majority of the trip was very relaxing and I didn't take too many pictures. It sounds like the perfect counterbalance to my last trip to Islands of Adventure. The only place I really took a lot of photos was Jurassic Park, and that's mostly because I finally got to play in Camp Jurassic.
Camp Jurassic
The awesome cavern with the cool lights was where I took the awesome cosplay photos with the off-camera lighting. I loved the mist and the purple lights the best.
camp jurassic cavern

And yes, Doug did try to make himself into a baby dinosaur in the Jurassic Park education center.
making baby dinosaurs
I feel like I should save this to show our future children as an explanation of why the other kids think they're so weird. Considering I immediately grabbed my camera to capture the craziness, I'm partially to blame.

Doug and I continued our tradition of having a relaxing dinner at Margaritaville. We had cheeseburgers in paradise--albeit not following the song properly--and I had a delicious drink because it was five o'clock. (Ok, it was closer to six by the time I got my drink. But I was still amused.)

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