Sunday, October 24, 2010

nighttime wanderings

dear home,
I haven't written a proper note in quite some time. I've gotten into the habit of just tossing up a few words to go with the photos and letting that stand. No one answered me when I asked whether my posts were too wordy, not wordy enough, or just right so I'm going with the cop-out answer of "it's my blog so I can write however much I feel like writing." I went to the Halloween Ball Friday night and took some pictures but they feel kind of lackluster to me. I think that's because photography is supposed to be about light (hence the "photo") and the room was so dark that any flash was enough to wash it out. I still managed to get a good photo of our costumes for you.
Halloween Ball
Last night, when I finished going through those photos, I was a little disappointed that I didn't have anything I deemed 'blog worthy' so I took a walk with Richard. As usual, we ended up at the park and I finally got a picture of him riding the tractor/lawn mower/truck/whatever that toy is supposed to be. On the way home, we found a leather couch in front of a dumpster and decided to pose on it. I just hope my yellow couch doesn't feel slighted because we haven't taken her out for a photo shoot yet.
night walk
I don't know that this is really blog worthy either but it was driving me crazy that my top post was a photo someone else took and I edited. I'd like for my work to be the first person someone sees when they look at my blog.

I have a few surprises up my sleeve in the near future. I can't wait to show them to you and to Rock n Roll Bride. (Hint: that might mean something, but nothing related to an engagement or wedding.)

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